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11-15 R. Maria Luísa Holstein
Lisbon, Lisbon, 1300

+351 91 747 03 30


The concept

The project aspires to combine the two areas of knowledge and hopes to contribute towards the development of Portugal. It merges health and sustainability by promoting a decorative and yet useful product - a hobby can lead to learning. The kit includes essential information, a summary of technical contents researched from specialized literature, internet and other mediums. This is an easy step for those who are frustrated by letting ready bought herbs go bad at home.

Our aim is to create a _STUFA Universe. once the project has gathered sufficient funds, it will become more interesting for the consumer, as we intend to increase the variety of seeds and expand from herbs to other flowers, produce our own pots with an automatic irrigation system, develop a phone app (so you can overlook your plant’s growth, even when you are away), and launch premium edition kits which promote seasonal and rare specimens. 

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